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Packages & Pricing


You can order each activity individually, or you can experience the whole package.
Either way, you can be “a legend in your own time” by booking one of these events for your group!

The ‘Green and Gold” Includes over 25 different activities!

  • Up to eight popular inflatable games (your choice)
  • Ten popular Midway Games, like “potty toss”, “putting games”, etc
  • Airbrush Face Painting and Temporary Tattoos
  • Money Machine and Money Wheel for raffle games, etc..
  • Powerful High Volume Sound System with Dee Jay and Music
  • “Defender Dome Dodgeball”,
  • Challenging, 50 ft. long Football Obstacle Course
  • Triple Horizontal Bungee Run
  • Radar Speed Pitch Challenge
  • Quarterback Challenge Game
  • “Down and Out” pass catching game
  • Basketball and Soccer Challenge
  • Kick your way to Field Goal Fame
  • Classic Bounce House for smaller kids
  • Challenging 22 ft. Slide for small and large kids
  • Giant Round of Inflatable Swiss Cheese is a challenging maze inside!
  • “Footbrawlers”, inflatable football games

Green and Gold Football Theme
Classic picture taking opportunities
We bring a crew for set up and take down of all equipment! We will Dee Jay the event with the music of your choice. We will provide refreshments or let you sell concessions.
It is YOUR CHOICE to have the complete party or you can have separate parts of it.

We can recommend “packages” to better fit your event, and to save you money. Just let us know what is up 1-800-569-6833


General Pricing:
Giant Inflatable Games - $500 to $650 depending on time needed and distance delivered.
Large Inflatable Games - $300 to $450 depending on time needed and distance delivered.
Regular Inflatable Games - $180 to $280 depending on time and distance.
"Back Yard inflatable" games and "Attendant" games $150 to $250 based on time used and distance from our base in Baraboo, WI.

All rentals are based on a four hour rental period. Adjustments can of course be made to fit your situation. Call us!

Design Your Own… Choose from what we have, or call with questions (1-800-569-6833)
Mix and match or tell us about your event and let us make a recommendation.

Or Choose a Package from what we have or what you create…

School Carnival Package One Large inflatable and one Regular, Airbrush Face Painting,
and five Midway Games $1,000 value for $600.

Homecoming Package One Large, or smaller inflatable game, Footbrawlers, Airbrush Face Paint
and body tattoos. $900 value for only $600.

Post Prom or Graduation One large, or smaller inflatable game, Dance Dance Revolution Game,
Guitar Hero, and Money Machine. Only $600! $300 without the inflatable!

Green and Gold Experience Package this is not a supplement to your event, this is the event!

If rented separately would be over $5,000 our package is $2,950! Or FREE with a
Qualified fund raiser. Your rep can give you details on this.

Free School Carnival Package when you do a qualified fund raiser with us! Call and let us know about your needs and what you can get as a signing bonus!

You can Rent an inflatable game from most anyone, but only we have the Green and Gold Experience. We are professionals, insured, safety conscious, and experienced. Call us to talk about the possibilities 1-800-569-6833. One game or many, you get the same service!